Deer Creek Cares began in 2013 when we hosted our very first annual Deer Creek Cares Golf Tournament with the hopes of raising funds for local charities in the Durham Region.  With the support of our community, employees and volunteers, the Deer Creek Cares Charity Golf Tournament was born and has been a huge success since its inception. This annual tournament has raised funds for several charities in the community such as Wings Maternity, Grandview Kids, Big Brothers Big Sisters, Hearth Place, Distress Centre Durham, Ontario Shores and so many more.  Since our first tournament in 2013, Deer Creek Cares Charity Golf Tournament has raised over $170,000 for local charities and their causes.

In 2016, Deer Creek Cares became a registered charity - the Deer Creek Cares Charitable Foundation, dedicated to supporting the programs and initiatives of local charities within our community. This gave us the opportunity to explore other fundraising avenues in addition to our annual charity golf tournament to support charities in our community in other ways. We’ve joined other charities in local Walk-A-Thons, supported the Children’s Aid Foundation by donating gifts to families in need, have held multiple food or clothing drives and volunteered our time where we are needed.

To date the Deer Creek Cares Charitable Foundation has raised over $280K to support local charities within our community.

Giving to our community is something we strongly believe in at Deer Creek Golf Clubs. We encourage all of our team to participate and support our initiatives at every opportunity. Our community is only as strong as the people in it and when we support one another we allow it to grow and flourish into something beautiful that we can all be proud of.


Deer Creek Cares Charitable Foundation will affect positive change in our community by supporting local charities through volunteer and fundraising initiatives.